How to wear polo shirt does not show low?polo ralph lauren!

The Ralph Lauren and the real meaning of the « polo shirt » labeled people, should be Ralph Lauren.

  • 1971 Ralph Lauren.

He tried to get a new name for his casual clothing line, polo ralph lauren homme pas cher.just as Polo was a favourite sport for the upper class. So he began to design and produce a new logo–, a polo player on a pony, and gradually people began to call Lacoste’s tennis shirts « polo shirts ».

  • Lead the new trend of sports fashion

In the 80-90 years of the last century, there was a fierce market competition between Ralph Lauren and Lacoste, and because Ralph Lauren himself made good use of the influence of Ivy League (Ivy League) to sell elite culture to middle-class groups, The great satisfaction of the high society of Americans to chase the American dream of that small vanity, which makes the polo shirt of the « Polo logo » defeated the implicit « small Crocodile »,polo ralph lauren femme pas cher. became the male coveted the iconic shirt.

Ralph Lauren Classic 24-color polo shirt, once launched by many polo enthusiasts are wildly sought after.

How to wear polo shirt does not show low?

Why can’t the collar of polo shirt stand up?

The biggest and most important thing in wearing a polo shirt is: Don’t put the collar up. The collar will rise to prevent the sun from moving around the neck, for practical purposes rather than « fashion. » So if you see a person who is « graceful » in the absence of sun or indoor conditions,ralph lauren pas cher. the collar of polo shirts … It was purely for cool.

And a little tips, just don’t wear a vest in a polo shirt. I do not know that every time you see a polo shirt inside exposing a strange white edge, there is no sense of disgust. I can’t even get a low collar sweatshirt.

Avoid suit +polo shirts

Some boy naïve to think that a suit outside the polo shirt is a very personal thing, the owner can only say that this combination of risk is very big … polo ralph lauren homme soldes.Imagine how a vexed picture of a soft polo shirt collar meets a suit. Certainly does not rule out has can wear out the feel, but you really want to challenge?

Should I fasten the button?

Do you want to wear a polo shirt to tie the button? It’s probably hard to talk about why. Fasten the button indeed will appear the whole person spirit hearty has the temperament. But, without the buttons,polo ralph lauren homme. the whole person looks sexier and wilder.

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